Writing Samples

Is your publication looking for a science-heavy article about the forest fires in the Amazon? Or a conversational article covering 15 must-read reasons why dogs are better than cats? Either way, our crackerjack team of writers has got your publication covered. 

At a minimum, all of the content produced by Publisher in Box writers is fact-checked, quality-checked and produced quickly. But did you know you can also specify the tone, information niche and author attribution of each article as well?

Health and Wellness Publication Case Study

Client: Healthy Holistic Living

Content Focus:
Healthy Holistic Living publishes articles about health (from alternative to mainstream), lifestyle, well-being, recipes, psychology and relationships. Many of the articles written are regarding science-heavy topics with topics ranging from preventing Type-2 Diabetes to spotting narcissistics and psychopaths. Our staff medical researcher fact-checks all content and works with the editorial team to ensure we’re only promoting the latest cutting-edge information.

Tone of Voice:
The articles produced for this publication are done so with a balanced tone of voice, maintaining the line between presenting all the scientific facts while maintaining a conversational tone. This approach is the majority of our clients’ favorite option as it’s easily readable, interesting for the reader and factually satisfying all in one.

Author Attribution:
This publication has opted to showcase the original author’s name and credentials. Why? It helps our talented writers gain exposure and shows a more diversified writing staff for your publication

Article Samples:
1. Breakthrough Nerve Surgery Helps Paralyzed Patients Regain Use Of Hands In Australia
2. To My Friend’s Kids: I Love You Like You’re Mine
3. Can Now Buy a Garden Dome so You Can Glamp in Your Yard

Pet Products Company Case Study

Client: TruDog

Content Focus:
We are proud to be producing content for TruDog, one of the companies on Inc’s list of 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2018. This brand prefers trending and emotionally-engaging animal and pet stories that audiences across social networks and search engines will flock to. When possible, promotions are added for their excellent raw dog food, treats, supplements, dental products, grooming, and whatever other promotions are ongoing at the time.

Tone of Voice:
Conversational yet authoritative is the name of the game here. Since TruDog is at heart a product company, we assign our writers that are product and copywriting experts to ensure there is an optimal balance between factual information and actionable results in the form of product purchases.

Article Samples:
1. Miranda Lambert’s Muttnation Helps More Than 60 Dogs Find Forever Homes At CMA Fest
2. Dog Shelter Partners WIth Prison For Inmate Foster Program
3. Rottweiler Honored As Best Man For a Couple Who Met At A Dog Shelter